Here's What our Clients Have to Say About us...

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Here’s our two cents…WE LOVE FOLIO!!

Hmm…what to say about Folio Designhaus? Creative, talented, strategic, passionate, accommodating, all-around great group of people to work with! Folio Designhaus brings creativity and talent to every project that is a breath of fresh air. Every time we call them, they’re ready to rise to any challenge we present. If you want energy and insight, Folio Designhaus is the one to call.

Julie Oswalt and the Gang

Write on Target, Inc.

Folio Designhaus supported our business with everything from marketing brochures to elaborate historical books for our key customers and employees. In all cases I have been extremely impressed with the quality of service and end products. In fact, the book they created for us was recognized with a top award. Folio Designhaus offers the best of both worlds in today’s competitive environment… the creativity and professionalism of a major marketing firm with the speed, flexibility and cost of a small business!

Tony Russell


Mobile Systems Division

The O'Gara Group

I’ve been working with Folio for over four years, as my primary design firm for three main reasons: they ask questions up front to figure out exactly what I need; they come up with creative solutions to impossible problems; and they always ALWAYS meet my deadlines no matter how tight they are! Their work is meticulous. While some designers tend to only pay attention to the big stuff, Folio drills down to every little detail. True professionals. My go-to design firm time-after-time.

Laura Hensley

Communication Director

HomeOwnership of Greater Dayton

Folio Designhaus creates beautiful, powerful results, producing effective advertising for us that begins from the most basic of ideas. They see the big picture and remain attentive to the most minute details.

Rick Robinson


Folio Designhaus is just that – a packed folio of creativity, technical expertise, product design and the energy to do whatever is needed to get the job done right and on time. The crew at Folio have been great guides and partners as we move into new digital products and markets.

Bill Pflaum

Creative Consultant

Greta Inc.